Professional storytellers, tellers who do it for fun, and those who like to listen.

Western Maine Storytelling Committee

Rob Lively, Jr.
Rob enjoys telling stories about unusual events in his life: as a grave digger in southwestern PA during his high school years; driving a taxi cab in New Haven CT; being an EMT in Wilton ME; and his haps and mishaps while spending five days in Syktyvkar, Russia. Rob especially enjoys interviewing storytellers and serves as the host and producer for Telling Tales: Western Maine’s Storyplace, and Building Peace Story by Story. Email:

Margaret “Peggy” Yocom
Folklorist, writer, and poet, Peggy tells stories about the seen and unseen worlds. Among her favorites are “Selkie” (seal people of northern lands), “All Kinds of Fur” (an unusual version of the Grimms’ “Cinderella”), “Henry Mayeux and the Fight Like to Kill ’Em All” (supernaturally strong, dangerous logger who worked around Oquossoc), and “Losing the Farm” (the loss of her family farm in Pennsylvania German country). Based in Farmington and Rangeley, she conducts workshops on storytelling, story writing, folklore and poetry, and more. Email: myocom(AT) and visit

Carole Lee
Carole has been in the WMS for about ten years and considers herself still a newbie in storytelling. She is a listener rather than a storyteller. Carole enjoys all the Maine local stories, especially those about loggers and lobstermen. She teaches at the University of Maine at Farmington and is the treasurer of WMS. Email: