Rob Lively, host of Telling Tales: Western Maine’s Storyplace

“Telling Tales: Western Maine’s Storyplace” airs on Mt. Blue TV

Mt. Blue Community Access Television, together with Western Maine Storytelling, are pleased to announce the airing of “Telling Tales: Western Maine’s Storyplace” on Mt. Blue TV.  Residents of Farmington, Jay, Livermore Falls, and Wilton can access the shows on Channel 11.

The programs hosted by Rob Lively feature outstanding storytellers from our area, state, and region. Many different types of stories are told ranging from historical, family and personal to fairy tales and folk tales. The author, poet, mime, indigenous basket maker, and musician as storytellers are also featured.


Storyteller Sheila Arnold joins host Rob Lively to talk about the craft of storytelling as well as sharing stories of the Underground Railroad. A master storyteller at work on this episode of Telling Tales!


Theresa Secord, internationally known Indigenous basket maker and Maine resident, shown here with some of her work. (Taped 3/2/2020)

Debby Bliss talks about telling stories to all ages of children, including ones that she wrote. (Taped 1/14/2020)


Tony Perry, author of “State of Maine: State of Mind. Upcountry Humor and Stories.” (Taped 11/13/2019)

Emma Lively and Tyler Beattie, musicians as storytellers. Read about them at (Taped 8/15/2019)

Jude Lamb as Eunice Lakeman-Hoar (Taped 6/27/2019)

Michael Cooper, “The Masked Marvel” (Taped 6/19/2019)

Deborah Freedman (Taped 6/6/2019)

John Slack tells stories about his many years as a geologist and shares some of his unique experiences in the field. (Taped 4/3/19)

Mime and storyteller Antonio Rocha. (Taped 3/14/2019)

Jackson Gillman, “The Stand-Up Chameleon” (Taped 1/14/2019)


Wes McNair, former Maine Poet Laureate, tells the stories behind his book, “The Unfastening.” (Taped 12/19/2018)

Peggy Yocom, reading her book of erasure poetry, “All Kinds of Fur“ (Taped 12/12/2018)

Storytellers Jane Woodman & Judy Loeven

Phyllis Blackstone tells of her brother-in-law’s challenges while courting her sister, and other stories. (Taped 8/16/2018)

Mike Burns shares stories of his native Ireland. (Taped 7/11/2018)

Jo Radner recounts the artful (and often hilarious) strategies of Lovell’s legendary game warden. (Taped 4/12/2018)